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Many men and women struggle with losing weight. We are programmed to hold onto a specific amount of fat to survive, and despite our best intentions, often find that our bodies go unchanged. Dr. Prichard performs liposuction as an opportunity, for those looking to achieve that slimmer, sculpted figure. Liposuction has been proven to be a safe surgical procedure, which helps eradicate those unyielding “trouble spots.”

Today, liposuction has become more popular than ever. This is partly attributed to the various techniques that have been developed in order to make liposuction much safer and more effective. Listed below are just a few of the benefits you can attain from liposuction:

  • Getting rid of unnecessary fat from areas such as:
    • the abdomen
    • the back
    • the hips
    • the thighs
    • the arms
    • the legs
    • the face and neck
  • Achieving a more proportionate appearance
  • Collecting and utilizing fat for cosmetic procedures like facial rejuvenation, breast augmentation or buttocks shaping

About the procedure

Routinely, liposuction is performed as an outpatient procedure, using IV sedation or general anesthesia delivered by a board-certified anesthesiologist. All forms of liposuction involve injecting tumescent solution into the unwanted fat in order to numb the area while causing the fat to firm.

There are several accessible liposuction developments that make fat removal easier, such as vibration, ultrasound or laser energy. Through small incisions, Dr. Prichard suctions the fat out with a device called a cannula. The incisions made are merely a few millimeters long. The tumescent fluid optimizes patient comfort, as well as helps to reduce bruising and swelling, and allows for accurate fat removal.

During Recovery

After liposuction, the treated areas are carefully wrapped in compression bandages (or girdle) to minimizing swelling, as well as encourage the healing process. It is important that you wear these bandages consistently for the first 4 to 6 weeks. For the first 24 to 48 hours after liposuction, the tumescent fluid provides pain relief. Ice packs, as well as medication, can help to manage any pain, bruising, and swelling. Generally, patients feel able to return to work after a week or so. Although, this timeframe can vary depending on the areas in which you’d like to be treated, along with the amount of fat that is removed. Any initial numbness typically diminishes within a few weeks.

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During your consultation

During your consultation with Dr. Prichard, you’ll be able to go over your particular needs and requirements, and what you hope to gain from liposuction. Once Dr. Prichard has a complete understanding of your objectives, he will create a surgical plan that is tailored to your form. Dr. Prichard takes great pride in administering some of the best liposuction Phoenix has available.


I will always trust Dr. Prichard to provide great work. He makes you feel comfortable and explains the entire process. I’ve always been safe in his care and have been seeing him for 9 years now for various treatments. I’ve never walked away disappointed! Truly grateful for his talents and hard work!

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