Reasons for Breast Enhancement in Scottsdale, AZ

A lot of women offer reasons for breast enhancement other than merely to enlarge their chest. Perhaps you wish to regain symmetry between your breasts after enduring a full or partial mastectomy, or possibly achieve symmetry for the first time, due to a congenital imperfection. It is quite common for women to lose their natural volume after childbirth, or even excessive weight loss and desire to reinvigorate their bust line.


Benefits to having a Breast Enlargement procedure

Listed below are a few of the benefits to having a breast enlargement procedure:

  • Boost one’s self esteem
  • Clothing will fit better
  • Gain a more youthful looking silhouette
  • Attain symmetry between the breasts
  • Achieve a more balanced look for the contours of your figure
  • Attain rounder, fuller looking breasts


During your consultation

Dr. Prichard will walk you through all of the different options for breast implants to ensure you get the results you’re looking to see. Dr. Prichard will review common incision locations as well as the varying options for implant placement in detail. During your consultation, it is important that you bring up any questions or concerns that you may be having, so that Dr. Prichard can properly address it. You should have no doubts or reservations, regarding your choice for physical enhancement. Dr. Prichard aims to deliver some of the top breast augmentation Phoenix can provide.

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