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I feel very lucky that Prichard is in Arizona. All my facial bones were shattered in a motorcycle accident. Here we are four years later and I once again look like myself. All the doctors that had seen my X-rays had commented on the amazing job Dr. Prichard did, putting me back together.

Surgical reconstruction in Scottsdale gives patients a viable option to gain back what they have lost to trauma, cancer, chronic disease, or congenital illness. When people are unhappy with the appearance of parts of their body as a result of injuries, deformities, or malformations, reconstructive surgery is the ideal solution. Reconstruction is focused on repairing structures to regain functionality and/or improve appearance.

What We Offer

Dr. Pablo Prichard, a trusted and well-respected doctor in Scottsdale, offers reconstructive procedures for breast and trauma reconstruction. Breast cancer may require mastectomy surgery. Motor vehicle injury, physical trauma, or developmental abnormalities can lead to disfiguration. Reconstruction by Dr. Prichard can restore a natural-looking appearance.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction in Scottsdale is usually performed on women after a mastectomy, the surgical removal of the breast or part of the breast. Mastectomy is performed to treat or prevent the occurrence of breast cancer.

Reconstructive breast surgery aims to rebuild the shape, size, and appearance of a woman’s breast or breasts. Breast reconstruction is typically performed to help restore a woman’s sense of femininity, body image, and self-esteem after undergoing a mastectomy.

Two main types may be performed: implant-based reconstruction and flap-based reconstruction. In implant-based reconstruction, a breast implant is inserted to recreate the breast shape.

In some cases, the implant is directly placed right after mastectomy. This is called direct-to-implant reconstruction.

In other cases, a device called a tissue expander is first placed to create room for an implant. It is filled with saline (saltwater) over the course of several weeks, removed, and replaced with the implant.

Flap-based reconstruction (autologous tissue reconstruction) involves using a woman’s own tissue from another part of her body, such as the abdomen, back, or buttocks, to reconstruct the breast. This tissue is usually transferred to the breast area and shaped to create a natural-looking breast mound.

Trauma Reconstruction

Trauma reconstruction surgery is a specialized surgical procedure aimed at repairing and restoring physical injuries or deformities. In many cases, these issues result from fractures, dislocations, soft-tissue injuries, and other types of damage caused by accidents, sports injuries, falls, and other traumatic events.

Trauma reconstruction in Scottsdale requires a multidisciplinary approach. It involves close collaboration between surgical teams, radiologists, anesthesiologists, and other healthcare professionals to ensure comprehensive care and optimal outcomes for the patient.

The specific techniques and approaches used in trauma reconstruction surgery may vary widely depending on the location and extent of the injury.

Your Consultation

A thorough understanding of each patient’s condition is vital in carrying out reconstruction surgery. This can only be achieved through meeting with a skilled and experienced doctor in Scottsdale. Your consultation with Dr. Prichard will include a thorough review of your medical history, a physical examination, and an in-depth discussion of goals and expected outcome.

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If you are looking to restore the appearance and/or functionality of an area, you may be recommended to undergo surgical reconstruction in Scottsdale. Contact Dr. Pablo Prichard today for a consultation.

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