Breast Implant Incision Types in Scottsdale, AZ

Each person planning breast augmentation surgery has a specific concept on how they want their new breasts to appear. With various sizes, shapes, and projections of implants available, the first issue is to decide on a new breast size and shape that will most enhance your body style.

Each type of implant or breast reconstruction surgery requires a specific type of incision. The various incisions that may be appropriate, based upon what is needed by the patient, include:

Inframammary Incision: This is a common type of incision used when placing silicone implants. The incision is placed in the crease of the breast where it is hidden by the breast once healed. Once the incision is placed, a “pocket” is created by our plastic surgeon. The implant is then carefully placed within the pocket, either above or below the chest muscles. This surgical technique is reported as being less likely to lead to complications.

Periareolar Incision: In this surgical technique, an incision is place around the nipples. The incisions are smaller, so this is often the selected method for saline implants, as these implants are filled after placement and can be placed through a much smaller incision. Many women who are unhappy with the size of their nipples and requesting a nipple reduction may choose saline implants so that both procedures can be performed in the same surgical appointment.

Transaxillary Incision: This advanced surgical technique involves creating an incision in the armpit and a channel through which the implant can be placed on the chest. The procedure involves an endoscopic incision which is only an inch to an inch and a half in length, fully hidden in the armpit once healed. The nipple structure remains in place, making this a preferred incision for women who want breast augmentation but hope to breastfeed a baby in the future.

Transumbilical Incision: Called a “TUBA” for “transumbilical breast augmentation,” this incision is made within the navel of the patient. Called a “scarless” breast augmentation procedure, it involves the use of an endoscope, a very small tube with a camera so the surgeon can view the body on a monitor screen while performing surgery. A channel is created through which a tissue expansion device is placed so that sufficient space is created in which to place implants. This procedure has a faster period of recovery and low risk of leading to infections.

Transabdominal Incision Patients who have had a tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty) are candidates for this incision. It has the advantage of incision scars being hidden by clothing, and not visible below the breasts. This type of incision is appropriate for patients who are seeking saline implants rather than silicone implants.

Dr. Prichard: Premier Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Scottsdale, AZ

If you are considering Phoenix breast augmentation surgery, you need to learn about the Breast Implant Incision Types offered and be fully confident in the skills of your plastic surgeon. Dr. Prichard is former Chief of Plastic Surgery at John C. Lincoln Hospital, and the Medical Director for Plastic Surgery. Dr. Prichard is known by his peers to exhibit outstanding surgical skills. His patients report that they are exceptionally pleased with their experience under the care of Dr. Prichard. His use of advanced surgical techniques and his focus upon creating natural-looking results with skill and artistry has made him the premier breast augmentation surgeon serving the Phoenix-Scottsdale area and beyond.

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