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If you have made the decision to enhance your body by undergoing breast augmentation surgery in Scottsdale, it is important that you know what to expect at every step of the process. Dr. Pablo Prichard and his caring staff will guide you through your journey with kindness, compassion, and personal attention. The basic information about what to expect after a breast augmentation is provided to help you make an educated decision.

Your Body Image

To finally achieve fuller, rounder breasts has proven to be the most significant change our breast augmentation patients talk about. Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing the body shape you have dreamed of having – its yours at last. Our patients report a huge increase in self-esteem and the ability to more fully enjoy all that life brings with greater confidence.

Directly After Surgery

When you reawaken following breast augmentation, you will be wearing a bandage and support bra to hold your new breasts in position for healing. You will need to be driven home by a friend or family member and enlist help for the first few days. Many patients take prescription pain medication during the early phases of healing, typically about four days.

Effects of Surgery

It is normal for breast augmentation patients to experience some degree of pain and swelling. The pain from the incisions typically diminishes after about five days, with some residual soreness or minor pain for four to six weeks.

The Days Following Surgery

After the initial healing period following your breast augmentation surgery, when you will feel very tired and will want to rest, you may need to start certain exercises as advised by Dr. Prichard. These exercises help to keep the muscular structure flexible and help to achieve optimal healing. These exercises are believed to reduce the risk of complications, reduce post-operative swelling, and aid in speeding settling of the implants.

In the Weeks Ahead…

In about four to six weeks, the healing process has advanced to the point that even over-the-counter pain medication is not required. The swelling has diminished, and your new breast size, shape, and projection will be visible.

In the Following Months…

After two to three months following your breast augmentation, you will be back to your normal routines, including exercise. Your breasts are now settled into place and appear as they will in the years ahead: plump, full, and youthful.

Life After Implants

Your new life, with increased confidence in your body image, is all ahead of you. For your mammograms, just ensure you have the mammogram at a facility familiar with screening procedure for women with breast implants. The procedure is slightly different, and requires additional images, but is not a real reason for concern.

If you have been told (or heard) that there is a higher risk of breast cancer, medical research does not support that claim. The implants do not place you at any higher risk of cancer than you would have been without them.

Free to Enjoy Your New Body

Now that your implants are in place, you are free to enjoy your new body shape and your beautiful new breasts. You may discover you like new clothing styles and are comfortable with plunging necklines or other more revealing clothing. We are very proud to help women through this important journey of what to expect after a breast augmentation, and of our ability to create a natural look and feel in our breast implant procedures. Call today.

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